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Want to get started w/ mobile dev using C# & #Xamarin? We've got a Twitch Workshop for that. Coming Friday, Nov 16… https://t.co/ce2vH9dC4t

@xamarinhq | Published on 14 November 2018

Get all the links you need for the world-wide, community-run mobile dev engagements happening for the Xamarin &… https://t.co/eiJXYtWfvG

@xamarinhq | Published on 01 November 2018

TY2 you & the Xamarin.Forms team we've filled in some of the features you’ve told us are important to building your… https://t.co/lwqRjrIFEi

@xamarinhq | Published on 18 October 2018

A full day of community-driven sessions on cross-platform mobile application development with Xamarin, DevOps with… https://t.co/07SVz6rgLT

@xamarinhq | Published on 16 October 2018

Now, in #VisualStudio 15.8, Dotfuscator Community can help protect your https://t.co/FGIvdxOrYa Apps at Runtime by… https://t.co/iPm1GjIrpS

@xamarinhq | Published on 12 October 2018

With Xamarin.Forms, the UI and app logic for your app resides in a single codebase and you get to use a single IDE… https://t.co/SMq0XwjtKL

@xamarinhq | Published on 11 October 2018

Do both types of testing with your Visual Studio App Center CI/CD pipeline - cover the Data Access Layer with unit… https://t.co/6y14u8p3lQ

@xamarinhq | Published on 03 October 2018

Microsoft named a leader in 2018 analyst reports on mobile app development. Get complimentary access to reports fro… https://t.co/EWg450kHpI

@xamarinhq | Published on 01 October 2018

...released to NuGet today, Xamarin.Forms 3.2.0. We've kicked off another round of updates, and this time we tackle… https://t.co/zyFILHsEUu

@xamarinhq | Published on 17 September 2018

Watch #dotNETConf Live! The 3-day virtual developer conference co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft is… https://t.co/bM5JCj7M0h

@xamarinhq | Published on 10 September 2018

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